video production & creative consulting

LunchBox is a full service, creative & video production house HQ'd in Minneapolis, MN.

What that means is you come to us with a goal or message, and we create the strategy and the content to accomplish it. Our services have changed brand perceptions, increased engagement, promoted sales, and inspired emotional reactions for our clients and their audiences.

thoughtful at every stage

We've found the best solutions and content are simply extremely thoughtful. Considering all aspects of the project leads to successful ideas, execution, and implementation. Every project is unique with different goals, audiences, placements, and production needs. Channeling all of these factors into one effective piece of content is exactly why you're here, right where you're supposed to be; on our website, you found us. <3

Our clients would say: LunchBox is intentional, they are adept marketers, technically excellent, and their process is both efficient and fun.

We would say: stop it seriously you're too kind *blushing* (don't stop)


The Team


Founder, Director, Director of Photography

Josh founded LunchBox soon after graduating in 2019. Having studied marketing at the Carlson School of Business, Josh wanted to find a way to use his degree in a more creative way. When applying for an internship he was given the advice "if you want to find a creative job, you need to apply creatively". Taking this to heart, he created his first YouTube video. This video sparked the idea of becoming a filmmaker, and soon after LunchBox came to fruition.


Producer, Writer, Social Media Manager

Lex joined LunchBox in January of 2023. She studied marketing and international business at the Kelley School of Business, and then worked in sales and marketing consulting for two years before joining the team. Having always been passionate about art, she took the leap into the filmmaking seeking a more creative role that could still enable her to use her analytical skills.


Grip & Electric, Production Strategist

Melo has been working with LunchBox since 2019, and is also the founder of Melo Multimedia LLC. Born in the Dominican Republic, he began creating content at just 16 years old making parkour videos with his friends. In 2016 Melo decided to pursue his blossoming passion in videography and attended Hennepin Technical College.

Mikko &

Studio Security, Food Inspectors, Resident Emotional Support Companions

Chai was adopted in November of 2020 in Denver, Colorado by Lex. As her partner in crime, joining LunchBox alongside Lex was a no-brainer. She's had a passion for film production since she was a pup. Her hobbies include long walks down (lake) beaches, hiking, and plotting the death of all rabbits.

Mikko was adopted in June of 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Josh. He is as some would say a "day one". His hobbies include squirrel surveillance, food foraging, and camping.

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